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Adbox commenting tool is a unique tool that automatically comment on your schedule post or replies to users or audience who comments on your social media posts. It can reply directly to the user's comment and it can also send a private message to the user.

This tool is especially useful if you want to stay connected to your community. Adbox comment reflects a high commitment to your post from the user, a study showed that in a month, a user typically makes 5 comments. That's quite a low number so if they commented on your post it can mean many things:

They are interested in your business and would like to have more information
They are seeking assistance with your product and would like to get in touch with you
They want to engage with your post because they like you
They had a bad experience with your product and want to complain
No matter what's the reason, it's important to pay attention to your comment and ideally, respond to them when possible. Moreover, responding to your social media Comments can boost your post and make it more visible to other people.

This tool can be useful for:

Contest Giveaway. Contest Giveaway is a great way to generate leads that are interested in your product.
Private Discount. Send your discount code to people who engage with your post
Custom messages. Interact with your community automatically anything else you can think of

Auto Reply is Adbox automated replies you can use to respond to comments left by your customers and prospects (but also sometimes your competitors or fake accounts).

This tool helps you to be more productive, saves tons of time, and scale your business.

The benefits of using this tool:

Save time responding to customers on social media
This is crucial for people who deal with many repetitive comments or run many Social media Pages for their clients, like in the case of social media agencies. By automating some of your replies, you can handle that first touch with the customer, like:

Give the details of a product, e.g., its price
Inform the customers about your opening hours or how to get to your physical location
Respond to common complaints while your team is working to fix a problem
Automated comment replies give you that extra amount of time for more complicated issues while the simple ones get answered instantly.
Improve your Facebook response rates – and your customer service
Speaking of instantly. Customer service teams all over the world chase their holy grail – response rates. Quickly answered comments or questions from customers on social media is often what defines an effective customer service team.
And in today’s instant world, customers will expect immediate answers – regardless of whether that’s possible.

Build an image of an engaging, customer-centric brand
It’s one thing to take slightly longer to reply and another to leave customers and prospects hanging indefinitely – because maybe you missed a comment (because it was under an ad.)

Get rid of spam and hate comments easier.
Automating comments on Facebook is not just limited to auto-replies. Social media automation tools let you delete or hide comments based on specific keywords (like profanities), so you don’t have to do it manually.

You can also hide social media comments with links automatically, for example, under your ads (as links usually mean someone is trying to direct your traffic to their website – not cool.)

Help your ads convert better.
Interactions on ads and sponsored content are a very specific case. It’s really easy to miss comments, especially when you’re running multiple ad campaigns – and your PPC guy (or gal) is not really responsible for moderating the conversations.

The good thing with adbox autoreply tool is, you’re going to see all the Facebook or instagram ad comments in the Social Inbox, already saving you time.

But you can go a step further and automate some of your comment replies, like the ones that pertain to the price or product features.

You can also automatically hide links or spam. This is crucial if you don’t want your ads to display to your prospects with, e.g., competition links below them or unresolved complaints (that’s not a great use of your ad budget.)

Get yourself some extra time before things blow up
Automating Facebook replies can give you just that extra time you need to tackle more serious issues while not ignoring your customers.
For example, if you have a service outage (that most likely happened on the weekend, right?), and your team is scrambling around the clock to fix it, you can save your social media people’s time by letting them set up automated replies to comments from upset social media users.
That way, they’ll know they’re being heard while your team gets some more space and time to handle the unpleasant situation (if you’ve ever been in one, you’ll know.)

Reply even when you’re not there
Finally, automating comment replies can be helpful if you have customers in different time zones or are taking a break (and don’t want to spend your vacation glued to your phone, although I know you still might do it ;))

Letting your customers know you’re out but someone will reach out at a specified time gives them a clear message you’re interested in talking to them, plus helps manage their expectations.